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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 

About the Med Culture Website

About the Med Culture Website

 360º overview

This website is an ambitious attempt in its kind and size that’s specifically designed to offer a 360º overview of the culture sectors in 7 South Mediterranean countries. It consists of searchable databases of country profiles, regional and international resources i.e. donors, key reports, studies, conventions, opportunities, best practices, news, feature stories, infographics, and other artistic illustrations depicting the picture in the involved countries and beyond.

Why this website?

The main purpose of this initial reference is to contribute to the enhancement of cultural policies in the region by closing the information gap, inviting the imagination, and bringing closer the diverse views, creative resources, the know-how, and eventually the concerned diverse players. The website also offers a platform to promote best practices and new models of collaborations among the end users.

“From the sector to the sector” approach

 It is important to point out that Med Culture website is built with the contribution of professionals across the creative and cultural sector in the region. The country profiles commissioned by Med Culture were provided by experienced cultural practitioners from each country. The design and visual brand were produced by a talented graphic designer from Jordan. The news and features by both Arab and European professional cultural journalists thanks to a partnership with the renowned regional cultural platform “Babelmed”. The infographics and comics as well are the products of creative artists from the region. Also, The website offers a feature called Culture Express, which basically provides RSS feed from four websites across the region: Bab el Fan (Morocco), ARCP stands for Cultural Policy across the Arab Region, Agenda Culturel (Lebanon) and (Algeria). The idea is to provide news on latest cultural and artistic events and activities taking place in the region. Your suggestions are welcome, conditioned with technical compatibility with Med Culture Website. 

and this is only the beginning…