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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 

Black is a Value

Black is a Value

Black is a Value

The “Black is a Value” project works through the technique of street theatre and based on the ideal of a human rights culture, to promote the principle of mutual respect and synchronicity among all groups and encourage the elimination of all practices and forms of discrimination on the basis of colour in Tunisia. Through research and training, the project team and the artists involved will strengthen their capacity to artistically deal and in an informed manner with racial discrimination, in the framework of a common ground that intersects arts and human rights. A performance, inspired by ceremonial and ritual forms of black Tunisian culture in conjunction with the genre of opera, will be developed and performed in public spaces and squares.  In addition, the project will focus on conducting a research on the historical trends of slavery in Tunisia, which will eventually be presented to the Tunisian Parliament as a preliminary report, in order to support black Tunisians to value their cultural heritage, reject racist practices linked to social behaviour and enhance the abolishment of discriminatory practices and racism against black Tunisians.



Implementing Organisation: 

Danseurs Citoyens is a Non-profit organisation, which offers professional training for Tunisian dancers and works to defend and represent the status of the dancer to gain eventually their full rights.

Damj Tunisian Association for Justice and Equality is a non-profit organisation that aims to expand the culture of human rights and equality. Its work includes the implementation of activities that enforce the principles of citizenship and defending equality between Tunisian citizens. It also addresses the causes of marginalisation and vulnerability in the Tunisian society, fight against all kinds of stigma and discrimination and develop partnerships and network with other organisations that work toward the same goal.

M’nemty is an association which works for a pluralistic Tunisia that would allow each Tunisian to glow in its own composition. Their main objective is to combat different forms of racial discrimination in Tunisia. Based on the principle of non-violence, their activities focus on advocacy, awareness and education to eradicate the various forms of racism: institutional, cultural and social. M'nemty is not a community group and hosts indiscriminately anyone who shares their ideals.