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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 



The K'Art-Na Project

The “K’Art-Na” project will consist of a bus tour of theatre performances covering various geographical areas in Southern Tunisia, in an attempt to raise awareness about discrimination against black Tunisians. K’Art-Na’s bus will be converted into an equipped stage to become an encouraging environment that reaches the public for performances and workshops to create communication, dialogue and interaction.  By bringing together and training different artists with diverse backgrounds, the K’Art-Na project aims to create a new and mobile artistic group, and to demonstrate that performances can stimulate a dialogue about the issue of racism and raise awareness within the Southern Tunisian community. K’Art-Na hopes to create a profound and vital influence on the public regarding racial discrimination and further challenge the perception of inferiority towards black Tunisians.

Implementing Organisation: 


Center of Dramatic and Scenic Arts of Medenine implements artistic projects that encourage creativity and diversity, which in return enrich the theatrical field in Tunisia. The center aspires to make itself a space that is open to all genres of arts, where different individuals are motivated to develop their talents.  Other goals of the center include creating theatrical traditions that would make a difference in the Tunisian community, focusing on forming theatrical competences in all fields of theatre and developing the domain of theatre in terms of archiving and research.


Tunisian Association for Children and Youth Theatre works to develop advanced and amateur theater productions, as it considers broadening creative and young ideas one of the most effective tools to address the problems facing the Tunisian society. The Tunisian Association for Children and Youth Theater believes that art offers a great way of unleashing individuals’ creativity to deal with problems surrounding our society.