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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 

Setting a common vision of culture in Jordan

Setting a common vision of culture in Jordan

A national consultative workshop in partnership with the Ministry of Culture

Amman, 11 May, 2016

Med Culture, an EU-funded programme is orgnising a National Consultative workshop in partnership with the Ministry of Culture in Jordan on 15 and 16 May 2016, at the Grand Millennium Hotel, in Amman. Almost 200 invitations have been extended to cultural operators, representatives of line ministries, and local authorities to take part in this National Consultative workshop.

This workshop comes as a response to a priority need expressed by Jordanians – both civil society operators and officials during different roundtable meetings held by Med Culture earlier in 2014 and 2015 – as well as to the Ministry of Culture’s decision to draw a national strategy for culture. The objective is to provide a platform for the participants to set a common vision for culture in Jordan, and define its perimeters and objectives as a first step towards the definition of a strategic action plan.

Though the workshop is organised at a national level, it is equally inscribed within the framework of a broader regional action that marks most of Med Culture’s activities across South Mediterranean countries, as the idea of organising it has been practically reinforced during a regional meeting, which took place in Amman in June 2015, to discuss methodology, approach and processes towards the definition of a strategic action plan for culture.

National authorities recognise the value of culture and its role for the development of societies, and wish to mobilise all available resources to translate this value into a real cultural project that promotes coherent and long-term support measures for the sector. Med Culture has therefore developed a whole action towards this objective, which links cultural work to a broad understanding of development in order to provide a space for individuals and communities to express their images of desirable development.

Med Culture will also hold a meeting with the National Focus Group (NFG) for the development of the Culture Sector in Jordan on 17 May, 2016 at the premises of the Royal Film Commission, to update its members with the programme’s latest actions and outputs and take stock of the proceedings of the National Consultative Workshop. The NFG was established earlier by Med Culture in June 2015, comprising cultural operators from both the public and private sectors.

EU-Jordanian cooperation in the area of Culture has been quite dynamic in the recent years, both at bi-lateral and regional levels. The European Union has been supporting local cultural activities as well as exploring the potential of creative industries in the country through a series of concrete actions implemented by EUNIC-Jordan in collaboration with EU member states.

Med Culture is a 4-year (2014-2018) regional programme funded by the European Union to accompany partner countries in south of the Mediterranean in the development and improvement of cultural policies and practices related to the culture sector. For further information about Med Culture please visit the website 

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