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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 



Mercredi, septembre 6, 2017 - Vendredi, septembre 8, 2017


As participants, we all know that the best training experiences are enjoyable Building on the process-orientated approach of Shift, shape and share (1) and follow-up/interim one-on-one online coaching sessions, this three-day intensive will drill deeper into three key areas of training theory and practice: Advocacy (as a process of continuous learning) Training design and delivery (from one-off sessions to longer programmes) Facilitation (of groups, discussions, meetings) Particular attention will be paid throughout to the contextually appropriate bringing together of people and purpose in non-formal adult learning settings. Once again, the overall emphasis will be on shifting of thinking and expectations; shaping fun and effective learning experiences and sharing best practice in an inspiring and safe space, the better to support cultural advocacy, education, policy and management in the Southern Mediterranean region. In addition, the programme will take further steps in forging a sustainable community of practice in the Southern Mediterranean region comprising cultural sector operators, managers, academics and existing trainers, together with those working in related fields such as human rights, sustainable development and public policy making.


In the course of this programme, you will be invited – in small groups – to: design, prepare and deliver an advocacy/training/facilitation session for your peers practice the giving and receiving of feedback on your advocacy/training/facilitation work In support of these key tasks, you will have the choice of a range of interactive workshops: An introduction to advocacy: definition and approaches Designing an advocacy strategy An ‘open kitchen’ approach to training design Matching training methods to people and purpose The art of facilitating group discussion The power of group processes / appreciative enquiry A case clinic approach to dealing with the unexpected Giving and receiving feedback within a learning context How to take your training/advocacy/facilitation practice forward – with others You will thus have the opportunity to strengthen your existing competencies, enhance your knowledge, refresh your skills and acquire a broader range of approaches to try in your future training, teaching and advocacy work.


As in Shift, shape and share (1) we’ll work with a range of methodologies to support different learning styles and better integrate theory and practice. This time you’ll be undertaking a practical group task (see above) as a central part of the programme, so there will be a strong emphasis on learning by doing and reflecting. Where there are parallel sessions on different topics you will be able to decide - within your task groups - who will attend what, on the understanding that all learning can then be pooled and shared between you. Once again, we - as the ToT team - will be open and flexible about our own processes and the ways in which we revise and adapt things, with you, as we go along. We are fully committed to the ‘open kitchen’ way of working. Aside from all this hard work, there will be an opportunity to visit some of the interesting people and places of Tunis. And of course, we’ll eat and talk together, finishing our time together in Hammamet with a last night beach party!

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ToT part 2_Outline_Sept 2017_Tunis