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Med Culture is a Technical Assistance Unit funded by the European Union for the promotion of culture as vector of Human, Social and Economic Development in South Mediterranean countries. 

Cultural Entrepreneurship workshop 2

Cultural Entrepreneurship workshop 2

Cultural Entrepreneurship
Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia
Workshop Methodology: 
Sharing of experiences among professional peers on issues of common concern (Peer to Peer), with moderators / facilitators coming from the cultural field.

Twenty-five participants of eight nationalities– Algerian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Libyan, Moroccan, Palestinian and Tunisian to address some of the questions related to this theme. These participants were selected through an open call launched in October 2016 and they work as researchers, museum specialists, theatre directors, teachers, digital marketers, animators of cultural centres, and technicians. 

26/02/2017 to 28/02/2017

This second workshop will continue exploring Cultural Entrepreneurship through new inputs that will equip participants with further tools and help them design a model that fits their projects.  

The 3-day workshop will be divided into three sessions: the first will be dedicated to sustainability; the second to the use of digital technology in cultural entrepreneurial activities (products, dissemination, and fundraising); and on the last day, participants will be asked to build their own project's model.

This activity builds on what has been achieved during the first workshop in which participants debated on concepts related to the subject matter, while revisiting their own practice as well as reflecting on the way mobility did and could boost their activity. Participants were also familiarised with marketing reasoning and concepts.

Framework Document - Cultural Entrepreneurship workshop 2
FOCUS_Digital Transformation: New Models and Trends - Alberto Giusti
FOCUS_Business Model Canvas (BMC) - Ammar Kessab

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